Arla Group is a collection of best-in-class professionals with diverse experience in tax, business and lending. Our lending and associated products are used by legal, accounting, and financial advisors for entrepreneurs, professional corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses.

Bridge Loans

We specialize in bridge financing for companies looking beyond traditional sources of capital. We serve small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and professional corporations that require immediate short-term financing to fuel growth, pursue strategic investment opportunities, or bridge liquidity. The key benefits of Arla Group bridge financing are speed, convenience, and flexibility – often closing in less than 10 business days, with repayment timelines up to one year.


Life insurance, life annuities, and investment loans each serve an important role in financial planning. Against this background, the Arla Group is pleased to introduce Granite.

Granite is an alternative to a leveraged insured annuity that provides many of the same financial and economic benefits, but without intrusive medical tests and with a 30-day implementation commitment.

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